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Warning Signs that Employment Disputes in Jacksonville, Florida May Be Arising

Employment disputes in Jacksonville, Florida usually do not form in a vacuum. There may be signs well before the situation rises to its climax that can allow an employer to confront the problem before it becomes an even bigger headache. Using tactics like mediation can quell the dispute. Some signs that employment disputes in Jacksonville, Florida may be brewing include:  Dysfunctional Meetings or Interactions  If previously friendly meetings become bitter engagements or interactions seem tense between colleagues, this can indicate that something may be amiss.  Meetings may be intended to be brainstorming sessions, but when they interfere with maximum productivity, the problem...Read More

Resolving Employment Disputes in Jacksonville Florida through EEOC Mediation

Employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida like claims involving sexual harassment, workplace discrimination or retaliation claims can cause significant disruption to a business.  One way to resolve employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida is to use EEOC mediation. About EEOC Mediation EEOC disputes involve claims that center around harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  The mediation of these disputes is an informal and confidential option for parties involved in these types of disputes.  A neutral mediator who is specially trained in conflict resolution skills helps the parties communicate in an efficient and respectful manner with the goal of resolving their conflict. Benefits of Mediation...Read More

Top Suggestions to Resolve Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida can disrupt a business and takes its focus away from its core competencies.  Some ways to quickly and efficiently resolve employment disputes in Melbourne Florida include: Recommend mediation first – Suggest if the mediator was involved in a previous case, this is probably an indication of the mediator’s skills rather than any loyalty to a former party. Conduct some discovery – The parties should have evidence to help support their perspective and legal position to be in a better bargaining position. Consider what will satisfy you – The way out of an employment dispute is...Read More

How to Properly Prepare for Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida can be resolved efficiently through the process of mediation.  However, one mistake that parties may make when dealing with these employment disputes in Melbourne Florida is not to take this process seriously enough.  Mediation may be the last day of the case, so the parties should be as prepared as they would be if the case was set for a trial.  Proper preparation for mediation includes: Discovery Requests If the dispute has reached the discovery phase, it is important that the parties have requested discovery.  They should include part of these responses in their presentation...Read More

Employment Disputes in Broward County, Florida: Litigation VS.  Mediation

Parties embroiled in an employment dispute in Broward Country, Florida often have the choice between litigation and mediation to resolve this dispute.  There are significant differences between these two common ways of resolving employment disputes in Broward Country, Florida, including: Timing  Litigation tends to take more time than mediation to conclude.  One party files a complaint and the other responds with an answer.  The discovery method may then be commenced to try to gather information to support or defend against the claim.  It is not uncommon for it to take more than a year for a case to go to...Read More
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