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How Can an Employment Mediator in Jacksonville Florida Improve the Work Environment? 

An employment mediator in Jacksonville, Florida can help employers and employees work through common problems, including wrongful termination claims, discrimination claims, problems between co-workers and similar matters. An employment mediator in Jacksonville, Florida can help resolve these conflicts and may bring about the following important benefits:  Improve Communication  Employees may have reached a breaking point with each other or management.  They may be disrespectful in their communications or use inappropriate language.  A mediator is skilled in conflict resolution and can explain the importance of communicating in a respectful manner.  He or she can help communicate with each party one-on-one so that the party can...Read More

E-Discovery Concerns in Complex Corporate Disputes in Brevard County, Florida

Complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida often involve extensive discovery.  With the advent of business correspondence through email, text messages and other electronic means, e-discovery serves an even more integral part of these types of cases.  Of particular concern in complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida are the following issues: Massive Amounts of Data Many electronic records have exponentially expanded over the last couple of decades.  If large amounts of data are requested in discovery, a business may have to expend valuable resources to try to reproduce this data.  When a requesting party receives this information, it also...Read More

Personal Injury Mediator in Brevard County, Florida: When the Two Sides Disagree on Value of Claim

A personal injury mediator in Brevard County, Florida is an objective third-party whose only interest in the process is aiding the parties to reach an agreement. In other forms of mediation, the parties may have a relationship to preserve or may be able to use creative solutions to resolve their dispute.  However, in personal injury cases, monetary damages are the primary form of relief.  A personal injury mediator in Brevard County, Florida may spend a significant amount of time during the mediation process trying to get the parties to agree to a value of the claim.  Some techniques may include:...Read More

Special Considerations in Selecting an Employment Mediator in Melbourne Florida

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida can help parties resolve discrimination claims, unfair wage claims, conflicts between employees and other employment issues.   When retaining the services of an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida, it is important to factor in the following considerations: Special Needs  The mediator should be aware of any special needs of either party.   For example, if one of the parties is emotionally fragile plaintiff, the mediator should be aware of this.   This can help the mediator adapt his or her approach to be more sensitive and aware of the party’s feelings.   If one of the parties has...Read More

Safer Alternatives to Complex Corporate Litigation in Melbourne FL

Business owners experience a number of fears on a daily basis, including fears of employment disputes, not being successful or encountering complex corporate litigation in Melbourne Florida.  This last possibility is particularly concerning given the possibility of expensive legal bills, negative publicity and devastating payouts.  However, business owners often have options available to avoid complex corporate litigation in Melbourne Florida. Proper Planning One effective way to avoid complex corporate litigation is to plan ahead of time before any problems exist.  Planning may include executing agreements between clients, business partners and vendors.  A clear agreement can help provide a basis for...Read More
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