Effective Strategies Utilized by a Good Personal Injury Mediator in Broward Florida

A personal injury mediator in Broward Florida can help personal injury victims and defendants and insurance companies reach a settlement.  This helps all of the parties avoid the length, frustration and expense of a prolonged trial.  Some effective strategies a personal injury mediator in Broward Florida may use include:

Addresses Weaknesses 

A good personal injury mediator will point out the weaknesses to each side.  Often, parties may have an inaccurate view of the value of the claim.  A mediator can provide relevant information about recent court decisions and precedent that may affect how the party views his or her side of the case.  This information often helps the parties move closer toward a reasonable compromise.

Asks Questions

A good personal injury mediator will ask questions of the parties throughout the process.  There are many reasons for this strategy.  One reason is that it helps the parties communicate with the mediator.  The parties often communicate better when trying to explain their position.  Additionally, it shows the mediator cares about their point of view.  Answering questions also helps the mediator uncover the hidden interests of the parties.

Explanation of the Risks

It is also important that the parties have a firm understanding of the potential risks if they cannot reach an agreement.  They should understand the alternatives to reaching their own settlement.

Explanation of the Benefits

The parties should also have a good understanding of the potential benefits of mediation, such as having control over the outcome and not putting the parties’ fate into the hands of anonymous jurors.