Top Advantages of Using an Employment Mediator in Jacksonville Florida

An employment mediator in Jacksonville Florida can help employees, employers and other stakeholders resolve issues that interrupt the employment relationship.  Some of the top advantages of using an experienced employment mediator in Jacksonville Florida include:

  • Understanding and compassion – Employees often feel like they are heard and are on an equal footing with employers when they engage in the mediation process. When both parties have the opportunity to hear and understand the other’s point of view, an amicable resolution is more likely.
  • Self-empowerment – Employment mediation instills a sense of power and control. Both parties have equal input in determining the terms of their agreement.
  • Cost savings – Mediation is an alternative to litigation, which tends to be long and expensive. Parties can save money by using mediation, which also helps to avoid workplace disruption.
  • Privacy – Mediation is a confidential process. Information is protected from becoming public fodder.  In comparison, litigation occurs in a public forum and can lead to negative publicity for the employer and the revelation of private details of the employee’s life.
  • Time savings – Mediation can occur much more quickly than is possible through the litigation process, which often takes years to complete.
  • Durability of the agreement –When parties embroiled in a dispute are part of the solution, they are more likely to adhere to its terms. In litigation, a decision is imposed on the parties.  The party who loses may appeal the decision and drag out the process even longer due to dissatisfaction with the outcome.