How to Get the Most from Your Personal Injury Mediator in Brevard County Florida

A personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida can help car accident victims, slip and fall victims, nursing home abuse victims and other types of personal injury victims and defendants or their insurance carrier representatives resolve a claim without having to go to court.  The mediation process is designed to help parties reach a fair compromise.  However, you can get even more out of your personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida by following these steps: 

Consider What You Want from Mediation 

Do you want to avoid the unpredictability of litigation? Are you afraid that a jury may give a big award to a sympathetic victim or that they will think you had a pre-existing injury and award you nothing? Do you want to structure a settlement in a way that provides you greater stability in the future or does not cause you to lose your SSI benefits? 

Present Your Best Case 

Plan to settle your case at mediation.  This is the result that you and the other party are after.  Bring compelling evidence to support your version of events and the relief you are requesting.  This evidence may help sway the other party to provide a more realistic settlement.  

Be Flexible 

Do not walk into mediation with a specific number that you want to settle the case for and refuse to budge from this number.  If the other party were willing to settle the claim, negotiation with your attorney would have yielded this result.  Be open to what the mediator and the other party have to say and you may be surprised that you can walk away with a satisfying result.