Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation is an effective tool for settling personal injury disputes for numerous reasons. It offers the efficiency that mediation brings to all types of cases, but it is especially beneficial for personal injury cases in Palm Bay, Florida because it is flexible and personal.

Using mediation in personal injury cases means everyone involved can explore all possible resolutions. When personal injury disputes are settled in the courtroom, there is a limited number of outcomes available and the judge or jury is in complete control of every aspect of the outcome. In mediation, disputing parties maintain control of the resolution and the matter is only settled when and if they agree. They are also able to consider unusual or unorthodox solutions to the problem – solutions that would not be an option through litigation.

Mediation also provides a personal, less formal arena in which to settle disputes. Often in personal injury cases, it is this ability to address the personal, emotional side of a matter that opens the door to more productive negotiations.

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