Personal Injury Mediator in Brevard County FL: Be Prepared for These Critical Steps

A personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida can play a vital role in helping parties involved in a personal injury case to resolve the case outside of the courtroom.  By employing conflict resolution techniques, a personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida can often help convince the parties of the value of:


Both parties should be willing to listen carefully to the other side.  It is important that they be open to looking at the case with a new perspective.  In addition to listening to the other side’s perspective, it is also important that they listen carefully to the mediator.  He or she can explain the alternatives to settling the claim, the risks associated with moving forward with litigation and possible ideas that can eventually lead to a resolution of the case.

Exploring Options

The mediator may shuttle different offers back and forth between the parties.  The mediator may have the parties in separate caucuses during this time.  However, he or she may put the parties back together in the same room to participate in brainstorming sessions.

Exploring Different Settlement Scenarios

Personal injury mediation is different than other types of mediation because there are often not important relationships that the parties are trying to maintain.  Most settlement options may relate to money damages instead of other solutions that work in family or employment law matters.