Practice Areas

Employment Mediation

Mediation is an extremely effective tool for resolving employment issues. The process is more efficient than litigation, so it saves everyone involved time and money. It also avoids many of the other negative aspects of settling an employment dispute in the courtroom and it can mean the difference between a severed relationship and one that continues once the issue is resolved. Choosing to resolve a workplace dispute with mediation in Palm Bay, Florida means the matter is settled in private. This can be especially important if sensitive proprietary or personal information must be discussed during the negotiations.Read More

Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation is an effective tool for settling personal injury disputes for numerous reasons. It offers the efficiency that mediation brings to all types of cases, but it is especially beneficial for personal injury cases in Palm Bay, Florida because it is flexible and personal. Using mediation in personal injury cases means everyone involved can explore all possible resolutions. When personal injury disputes are settled in the courtroom, there is a limited number of outcomes available and the judge or jury is in complete control of every aspect of the outcome.Read More

Complex Corporate Litigation

Legal disputes that arise in the corporate world can be some of the most difficult to resolve. Many include multiple parties and require a thorough understanding of the industry. There are also usually a number of contractual issues in play. Unfortunately, when Palm Bay, Florida corporate disputes are settled through litigation, they do not get the attention to detail needed to provide the most effective resolution. On a frequent basis, all parties walk away from a corporate dispute unhappy with the outcome and feeling as if nobody won.Read More