Pre-Mediation Work Completed by the Employment Mediator in Melbourne FL

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida is a neutral third party who helps the parties involved in employment disputes to reach a peaceful resolution of their claim.   There is much work that an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida puts into a case, which the parties may not be aware of because it is conducted behind the scenes.

Many mediators ask parties to prepare briefs in which they discuss their viewpoint, their version of the facts of the case and the status of any failed negotiations.   If the mediator does not ask for an official brief, he or she may reach out to the parties or their legal representatives to get a better understanding of the issues at hand.   This process helps narrow down the issues and see where there is consensus and where there is contention.

This preparation also helps the mediator get a better sense of the dynamics between the parties, who is influencing decisions and whether there are any areas that should be avoided that may impede successful mediation.   This can also help the mediator determine which type of mediation process to implement, such as a joint session or an individual session.

The mediator can also review discovery issues, local jury verdicts and recent opinions that are related to the case and issues at hand.   This knowledge helps the mediator provide more accurate information during the mediation session or sessions.