Resolving Employment Disputes in Jacksonville Florida through EEOC Mediation

Employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida like claims involving sexual harassment, workplace discrimination or retaliation claims can cause significant disruption to a business.  One way to resolve employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida is to use EEOC mediation.

About EEOC Mediation

EEOC disputes involve claims that center around harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  The mediation of these disputes is an informal and confidential option for parties involved in these types of disputes.  A neutral mediator who is specially trained in conflict resolution skills helps the parties communicate in an efficient and respectful manner with the goal of resolving their conflict.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation offers many benefits over litigation.  It is a more amicable approach than litigation, which is typically adversarial in nature.  The parties can often resolve their problems more quickly than if they rely on judicial intervention.  The parties exert more control over the process because they can help devise possible solutions to their problems.  They can often retain a positive relationship between them, which is better than in litigation in which the parties likely do not have an ongoing relationship.

Parties Involved

The employee and employer should be present at mediation.  Additionally, the employee who is accused of misconduct should also be present.  The parties may also bring their legal representatives with them to mediation.

Process of Mediation

Mediation is conducted by an experienced mediator who explains his or her role as a neutral facilitator.  The parties may talk to the mediator separately or together, depending on the dynamics involved.  If the parties reach an agreement, this is retained as a written, signed agreement between the parties and is generally enforceable as a contract.