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Warning Signs that Employment Disputes in Jacksonville, Florida May Be Arising

Employment disputes in Jacksonville, Florida usually do not form in a vacuum. There may be signs well before the situation rises to its climax that can allow an employer to confront the problem before it becomes an even bigger headache. Using tactics like mediation can quell the dispute. Some signs that employment disputes in Jacksonville, Florida may be brewing include:  Dysfunctional Meetings or Interactions  If previously friendly meetings become bitter engagements or interactions seem tense between colleagues, this can indicate that something may be amiss.  Meetings may be intended to be brainstorming sessions, but when they interfere with maximum productivity, the problem...Read More

E-Discovery Concerns in Complex Corporate Disputes in Brevard County, Florida

Complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida often involve extensive discovery.  With the advent of business correspondence through email, text messages and other electronic means, e-discovery serves an even more integral part of these types of cases.  Of particular concern in complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida are the following issues: Massive Amounts of Data Many electronic records have exponentially expanded over the last couple of decades.  If large amounts of data are requested in discovery, a business may have to expend valuable resources to try to reproduce this data.  When a requesting party receives this information, it also...Read More

What to Expect from Good Personal Injury Mediation in Brevard County, Florida

To avoid litigation, many parties are turning to personal injury mediation in Brevard County, Florida.  This process begins with both parties giving opening statements about the accident and their position.  A professional mediator then separates the parties and commences the mediation process.  Good personal injury mediation in Brevard County, Florida includes the following components: Emphasis on Communication A good mediator keeps the parties talking.  He or she asks questions of the parties to clarify information and develop a better understanding.  He or she can shuttle this information back and forth between the parties.  If the parties reach an impasse, the...Read More

Personal Injury Mediator in Brevard County, Florida: When the Two Sides Disagree on Value of Claim

A personal injury mediator in Brevard County, Florida is an objective third-party whose only interest in the process is aiding the parties to reach an agreement. In other forms of mediation, the parties may have a relationship to preserve or may be able to use creative solutions to resolve their dispute.  However, in personal injury cases, monetary damages are the primary form of relief.  A personal injury mediator in Brevard County, Florida may spend a significant amount of time during the mediation process trying to get the parties to agree to a value of the claim.  Some techniques may include:...Read More

Employment Disputes in Broward County, Florida: Litigation VS.  Mediation

Parties embroiled in an employment dispute in Broward Country, Florida often have the choice between litigation and mediation to resolve this dispute.  There are significant differences between these two common ways of resolving employment disputes in Broward Country, Florida, including: Timing  Litigation tends to take more time than mediation to conclude.  One party files a complaint and the other responds with an answer.  The discovery method may then be commenced to try to gather information to support or defend against the claim.  It is not uncommon for it to take more than a year for a case to go to...Read More