I have been practicing employment law for the past 30 years in North Florida. My firm has 7 trial lawyers. Employment cases are some of the most difficult cases to mediate. I have used Paul Remillard in over 100 cases. Not only does he know the law, he has an uncanny ability to relate to clients and opposing lawyers. Paul has helped settle over 90% of the cases he has been involved with because he works very hard to bring more to the table than just someone who will deliver an offer. Paul makes the entire experience more valuable because as he says in his opening remarks, if the case does not settle; both sides will be more prepared to take it before a jury. By the way Paul has tried more first chair jury trial trials than most of the lawyers in North Florida.MM
Mr. Remillard worked for me for five plus years. He prepared me for two formal hearings and an interim investigative hearing. I went to an investigative hearing unrepresented and ended up with a three year mandatory withdrawal of my application. The specifications were for a lack of candor, financial irresponsibility and issues with the IRS. Mr. Remillard represented me when nobody else would and had he not spent so much time preparing me for the final formal hearing I would of not of been admitted at all, ever to the Florida Bar. Him and his staff were very dedicated and king and Mr. Remillard representation was without question the best I could of ever hope of.RR
I was arrested for a very serious DUI. I hired Mr. Remillard to help me with my application because of these criminal charges. He worked with me and helped draft the most important explanations i.e. criminal matters and believe it or not I was admitted without having to go to a hearing. All though I was resigned to a thought of a hearing and based on Mr. Remillard's experience with his help I avoided the investigative hearing which from I have been told is one of the worse experiences you will ever endure.CM
I hired Mr. Remillard after going to an investigative hearing and receiving a mandatory three year withdrawal. This withdrawal period required me to admit all of the allegations which was set out which is called specifications. My issues were substantial financial irresponsibility from credit cards t student loans. Mr. Remillard and his staff walked me through the three year rehabilitation process and believe it or not instead of a formal hearing I was actually admitted after the board reviewed my detailed rehabilitation package which was the result of me working directly with Mr. Remillard and his staff. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate what he has done for me. I have been practicing law for four years, have a child and I owe it all to Mr. Remillard and his staff.ML
After spending seven years in prison, I received my undergraduate degree and applied for the bar and passed the bar. Everyone I talked to said it was just a waste of time but I was determined to give it my best. I was introduced to Mr. Remillard by the Lawyer that handle my criminal matters. My criminal matters began when I was thirteen years old and extended through my late teens and I would say between misdemeanors and felonies there must have been twenty convictions. Of course I was invited to an investigative hearing and Mr. Remillard's method with every candidate is to make sure that each candidate understands exactly how tough the hearing is going to be. I would approximate that I spent thirty hours face to face with Mr. Remillard in three different preparatory sessions in which he role played the board. My hearing lasted five hours but I can tell you although it was extremely painful to relive all of my misdeeds, I had already been through it all with Mr. Remillard's preparation. I have been practicing law for the last ten years and it is only by the grace of God that I was led to hire Mr. Remillard's office.JW
Hiring Mr. Remillard to represent me in a Formal Hearing was the best thing I could of ever done. He spent may face hours with me and on the phone. When I turned in my application to Barry Law school, I was dishonest on my application in reference to the institutional discipline question. Because of my candor and misdemeanors, I was worried I would not be able to practice in Florida as an Attorney. Mr. Remillard's hard word, dedication and professionalism, the week after my hearing I was advised by the Florida Bar that I was able to take the oath and become an attorney in the state of Florida.RF
I retained Mr. Remillard at the start of Law School after he gave a lecture on the application process. My application was very complicated concerning very sensitive medical issues. They were so sensitive to me that I could literally not put pen to paper to try and explain them. Mr. Remillard drafted the necessary answers and even spoke with some of my medical providers and held my hand through the entire process. Due to the complicated nature of my application, it took me much longer to be processed. Because of Mr. Remillard's skill I was able to avoid an investigate hearing and was admitted without further issue or condition. I know many of students that have chosen other counsel and are still not admitted.RW
Paul's diverse background and creative solutions have helped us resolve several cases which I thought were doomed to impasse.DL
Paul's trial experience brings insight and value to the mediation process.BD
As a mediator, Paul Remillard, has specialized knowledge and understanding regarding lawsuits or claims involving complex medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and other civil actions which enables him to successfully find a common ground between adversaries and reach amicable settlements between opposing parties. His ability to effectively communicate in an unbiased honest manner has resulted in the resolution of many highly disputed lawsuits or claims.EB
I have used Paul Remillard's mediation services on numerous occasions, primarily for construction cases. In every instance, Paul's professionalism, attentiveness and common sense has led to a satisfactory resolution of the matter. In my twenty-four years of trial work, Paul is one of the finest mediators with whom I have had the pleasure to work. His knowledge of the law, attention to factual details and ability to cut to the heart of the matter, makes him one of the top mediators in this community.MB
I highly recommend Paul Remillard. He is a mediator who has the ability to help you recognize your strengths and your weaknesses for simple or complex cases. He is exceptional in analyzing the physics of an accident. He can find common ground when there seems little hope for settlement. Simply stated, he gets results and does it quickly. I would recommend his services without reservation.MF
I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Remillard as a hard-working, effective, and fair mediator. I have mediated dozens of cases with Paul, and I have always been pleased with his work. I recommend him without reservation.RC
I tried the services of Paul Remillard on the recommendation of another attorney; I was extremely impressed. Since that time, Paul has mediated numerous cases for me and has settled 100% of them even when I thought settlement was impossible. The results speak for themselves.SM
Paul Remillard has mediated numerous litigated cases for me over the years. Paul is a highly-effective mediator in all types o cases, but especially so in the complex civil litigation arena. Paul has the ability to quickly grasp the nuances of complex issues, such as those found in complex product liability and professional liability cases. Paul's ability to quickly discern the strengths and witnesses of a case and to persuasively move both parties in the direction of settlement has resulted in successful mediation in the vast majority of cases submitted to him.DB