The Power of the Joint Session in Personal Injury Mediation in Palm Bay FL

More and more people are realizing the tremendous benefits of mediation, allowing it to expand well beyond family law or employment disputes into other areas such as multi-jurisdictional disputes and personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida.   Mediators can use tactics that are not traditionally available or advised in litigated cases.   One example of an effective tactic used in personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida is using a joint session. In some types of mediation cases, the parties are in high conflict and separated from each other almost immediately after mediation starts.   The mediator flutters back and forth between...Read More

The Value of Shuttle Diplomacy in Employment Disputes in Melbourne FL

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida may arise because an employee has lost a job due to misconduct, he or she feels discriminated against by a coworker or supervisor or when there are other issues that have resulted in conflict in the workplace.   Many employment disputes in Melbourne Florida have successfully been resolved through the use of mediation and shuttle diplomacy in particular. Shuttle diplomacy consists of the neutral third-party mediator meeting with each party one-on-one and getting this person’s side of the story.   The mediator then goes to the other party and listens to his or her version of events. ...Read More

Pre-Mediation Work Completed by the Employment Mediator in Melbourne FL

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida is a neutral third party who helps the parties involved in employment disputes to reach a peaceful resolution of their claim.   There is much work that an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida puts into a case, which the parties may not be aware of because it is conducted behind the scenes. Many mediators ask parties to prepare briefs in which they discuss their viewpoint, their version of the facts of the case and the status of any failed negotiations.   If the mediator does not ask for an official brief, he or she may reach...Read More

Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County FL and BYOD Policies

Bring Your Own Device policies have become increasingly popular, creating a web of personal and business contacts and transactions that are completed on the same device, which can possibly implicate issues that can affect complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida.  These devices may contain important information on them that can directly impact complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida.  Having specific policies in place can often safeguard employers’ interests. Individuals and businesses may be required to preserve certain relevant electronic information if there is a reasonable likelihood that a triggering event will result in litigation.  While businesses can remain...Read More

Personal Injury Mediator in Brevard County FL: Be Prepared for These Critical Steps

A personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida can play a vital role in helping parties involved in a personal injury case to resolve the case outside of the courtroom.  By employing conflict resolution techniques, a personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida can often help convince the parties of the value of: Listening Both parties should be willing to listen carefully to the other side.  It is important that they be open to looking at the case with a new perspective.  In addition to listening to the other side’s perspective, it is also important that they listen carefully to...Read More
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