The Anatomy of Mediating Employment Disputes in Palm Bay FL

An effective way to resolve employment disputes in Palm Bay Florida is to mediate them.  Mediating employment disputes in Palm Bay Florida includes the following critical components: Selecting the Mediator The parties get to choose who will assist them in resolving their case.  The parties can consider a number of factors when selecting the mediator, such as the type of legal dispute involved, the industry, the mediator’s style or the mediator’s track record. Pre-Mediation Contact The mediator will likely have some contact with the parties before mediation.  This is to introduce the mediator to the parties as well as to...Read More

What You Can Expect to Get from an Employment Mediator in Palm Bay FL

Employers and employees who have reached an impasse may turn to an employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida for assistance and to avoid the hassle of going to court.  An effective employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida will ensure that both parties involved in mediation acquire: Ability to Express His or Her Viewpoint One of the greatest advantages of mediation is the ability of the parties to freely discuss the underlying problems and express their own perspective.  In litigation, the information that the parties state is often guided by the lawyer representing him or her.  Also, the parties cannot say...Read More

Creative Solutions to Resolve Employment Disputes in Melbourne FL

Many employment disputes in Melbourne Florida start with a narrow focus.  An employee may believe that the only way to a just resolution is to sue the employer and wait for a court order awarding damages.  However, employment disputes in Melbourne Florida can effectively resolved through a mediation process which helps the parties analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their case, review legal claims and assess the potential success of defenses.  Some creative solutions that may help resolve the dispute include: Offer an Apology People often underestimate the power of a sincere apology.  An apology can help the parties reach...Read More

Employment Mediator in Melbourne FL Sets the Stage

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida is aware of the stakes involved in mediation and uses a number of strategies to encourage the parties toward an amicable resolution of their case.  Many of the strategies an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida employ begin before mediation starts or during the early stages of mediation. A mediator may have a pre-hearing conference call with parties separately or together.  This call helps identify the issues that need to be resolved and identifies the parties who should be available at mediation.  This strategy also helps the parties consider different ways of presenting their case...Read More

Safer Alternatives to Complex Corporate Litigation in Melbourne FL

Business owners experience a number of fears on a daily basis, including fears of employment disputes, not being successful or encountering complex corporate litigation in Melbourne Florida.  This last possibility is particularly concerning given the possibility of expensive legal bills, negative publicity and devastating payouts.  However, business owners often have options available to avoid complex corporate litigation in Melbourne Florida. Proper Planning One effective way to avoid complex corporate litigation is to plan ahead of time before any problems exist.  Planning may include executing agreements between clients, business partners and vendors.  A clear agreement can help provide a basis for...Read More
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