Effective Strategies Utilized by a Good Personal Injury Mediator in Broward Florida

A personal injury mediator in Broward Florida can help personal injury victims and defendants and insurance companies reach a settlement.  This helps all of the parties avoid the length, frustration and expense of a prolonged trial.  Some effective strategies a personal injury mediator in Broward Florida may use include: Addresses Weaknesses  A good personal injury mediator will point out the weaknesses to each side.  Often, parties may have an inaccurate view of the value of the claim.  A mediator can provide relevant information about recent court decisions and precedent that may affect how the party views his or her side...Read More

Resolving Employment Disputes in Jacksonville Florida through EEOC Mediation

Employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida like claims involving sexual harassment, workplace discrimination or retaliation claims can cause significant disruption to a business.  One way to resolve employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida is to use EEOC mediation. About EEOC Mediation EEOC disputes involve claims that center around harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  The mediation of these disputes is an informal and confidential option for parties involved in these types of disputes.  A neutral mediator who is specially trained in conflict resolution skills helps the parties communicate in an efficient and respectful manner with the goal of resolving their conflict. Benefits of Mediation...Read More

Top Advantages of Using an Employment Mediator in Jacksonville Florida

An employment mediator in Jacksonville Florida can help employees, employers and other stakeholders resolve issues that interrupt the employment relationship.  Some of the top advantages of using an experienced employment mediator in Jacksonville Florida include: Understanding and compassion – Employees often feel like they are heard and are on an equal footing with employers when they engage in the mediation process. When both parties have the opportunity to hear and understand the other’s point of view, an amicable resolution is more likely. Self-empowerment – Employment mediation instills a sense of power and control. Both parties have equal input in determining...Read More

Resolving a Complex Corporate Dispute in Jacksonville Florida through the Mediation Process

A complex corporate dispute in Jacksonville, Florida may pose significant risks to multiple parties.  However, the process of mediation can often help parties reach an amicable resolution of their complex corporate dispute in Jacksonville, Florida.  Some benefits of the mediation process include: Reduced legal costs – Complex corporate litigation can be incredibly expensive with legal teams hired, court costs paid, legal costs expended for temporary injunctions and other orders and massive discovery requests and production. Mediation provides an affordable alternative and parties can split its costs. Avoidance of jurisdictional issues – Mediation is a voluntary process and parties can agree...Read More

Effective Strategies in Personal Injury Mediation in Jacksonville Florida

Personal injury mediation in Jacksonville,Florida maybe suggested by one of the parties if they reach an impasse in negotiations.  Some strategies that can maximize the benefits of personal injury mediation in Jacksonville, Florida include: Mediate at the Right Time  Ideally, you should not agree to mediation until the other party has made a reasonable written offer to resolve the case and agrees to bring a representative with full settlement authority to mediation.  Otherwise, mediation may be premature or may result in hours of negotiation that are fruitless because the defendant cannot accept an offer without further approval. Let the Other...Read More
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