The Value of Shuttle Diplomacy in Employment Disputes in Melbourne FL

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida may arise because an employee has lost a job due to misconduct, he or she feels discriminated against by a coworker or supervisor or when there are other issues that have resulted in conflict in the workplace.   Many employment disputes in Melbourne Florida have successfully been resolved through the use of mediation and shuttle diplomacy in particular.

Shuttle diplomacy consists of the neutral third-party mediator meeting with each party one-on-one and getting this person’s side of the story.   The mediator then goes to the other party and listens to his or her version of events.   The mediator only shares information that the other side provided when he or she gives permission to do so.   In this manner, the mediator continues to collect information and can also take settlement offers and counter-offers back and forth.

Shuttle diplomacy is particularly effective when there is a lot of conflict between the parties.   This may be the case when the employment relationship has been terminated in a negative fashion or when there has been a history of problems in the employee’s record.   By having the mediator go back and forth between the parties, the time when the parties are physically around each other is minimized.   This allows the parties to negotiate through the mediator in a less hostile environment.   Mediators maintain their neutrality in this manner while also fostering trust and confidence in the mediator.